Happily, Cheerfully and Brightly
All children are gifted for playing creatively.

All children have the potential for shining brilliantly. We are nurturing the children's potential for having fun and feeling wonderful everyday. We are also concerned about helping them develop healthy life styles through daily plays and activities.

Educational Goal

Helping children develop healthy mind and body. Our education is focused on promoting the healthy physical development, interpersonal skills, environmental awareness, language development, and development of emotional expressions.Helping children acquire the skills for cooperating each other, developing sympathy for others and nurturing their creativity.


Family-like atmosphere
All children are cared under a small class setting.(Less than 10 children par class)
Intellectual development and healthy physical exercise
There are classes for art (painting,handicrafting and music) and physical exercises besides regular intellectual classes.
Surrounding environmant is full of nature
Komatsugaoka Hills has rich nature with blossoming flowers and has a forest gardenlike environment. Children enjoy seasonal changes in the nature rich environmet.
There is a transportation bus everyday.Each child will be picked up and droped off near by their residence.
Connection with the local community
There are a lot of enjoyable local events for children

Entrance Guide

Entrance application form
Reception time 9:00~17:00 (at reception in Komatshgaoka Kindergarten)
Reception fee 1,000 yen(Type 1. certication)

Type 1.certication
School time 10:00~14:00
Entrance fee 0 yen
Nursery school fee Free childcare fee
Meal expense 3,000 yen/month(except rice)
Transportation fee One Way 1,000 yen/month(Optional)
Overtime nursery school fee 100yen/30min(Optional;14:00~18:00)upper limit of 3,500 yen a month
Saturday 14:00~ 500 yen(separately)

Type 2. certication
Childcare time Short time 8:00~16:00 Standard time 7:00~18:00
Entrance fee 0yen
Nursery school fee Free childcare fee
Meal expense 4,500 yen/month(except rice)
Transportation fee one way 1,000 yen/month(optional)
Extended childcare 100yen/30min(Optional;16:00~18:00)upper limit of 3,500 yen a month

Please visit us to experience our school life.
Please feel free to inquire.

Komatsugaoka kindergarten
1-77-393 Komatsugaoka Rokunohe-machi
Kamikita-gun Aomori-ken
033-0074 JAPAN

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